Prague Guide

Ever since I moved to Germany I meet people that either have been to Prague or are looking to visit it. Being it such a popular tourist destination, I decided to collect my tips on “What should I do in Prague” that I give people when they find out that I used to live there for 5 years.

There is so much places in Prague, that visiting them all is probably not possible in a few days. My tips are therefore just picks from what you might find elsewhere, but I mention here only places that I personally consider interesting and/or nice.

What to see

City centre/Old Jewish city



Sunset at Vitkov monument

Image source

Strahov Monastery Library

The Senate gardens

Where to eat

Mr. HotDog

The Mr. HotDog is my number one place to go for food in Prague. Their burgers are different than any other burgers I’ve eaten so far, not only in Prague, but ever.

If you decide to visit, you better reserve your place, since it is often very crowded there. Even if there is no place to sit, you can grab your meal and eat it in the nearby park Letenske Sady with a wonderfull view at the city.

View from Letenske Sady to the city. Source Author unknown.

More Burgers

I had not visit most of them, but I sometimes use this list for inspiration.

Oh Deer Bakery

Manifesto market

Creme de la Creme

And other exceptional Ice Creams.

(Link in CZ, but links works and images are more important than words here)

What to avoid

While writing this post, I came across a different websites recommending things that I can’t clearly recommend myself.

Here is a list with my anti-recommendations:

Mainstream tourist industry

It obviously depends on your preferences, but I personally am not a fan of the hardcore tourist industry. The attempts to sell a ton of crap for insane prices generally drives me crazy. Be aware that there is (or at least were, when I was used to live in Prague, before Covid and the Russian invasion to Ukraine) a lot of Chinese and Russian tourists. And because they are often very rich, the main tourists spots are optimized to catch their attention and make money of them. You should have no problem recognizing these traps.

They usually have the disgusting, unmistakenably Russian overdecorated, completely not-fitting look. Some examples are: Nightclubs in the inner city centre, Beer round-trips on pedaling something (this is especially annoying for the people that lives in the inner city), Hop-On tourist buses,… you can see more once you are there.

Don’t be noisy

This is maybe useless point, but I have to make it. Be aware that unlike some other tourist cities in the old city of Prague lives real people. If your primary goal is to get drunk for no money, you probably don’t care anyway. If you have different motivation to visit Prague, then you likely don’t need this advice. I lived in the city centre and I can assure you that even if might be fun for you to kick the trash bins on the streets, it’s not very polite to those going to work or school the next day.

Avoid currency exchanges

Show me a place in the world where the currency exchanges are not of questionable quality… I lived in Prague for quite some time and I rarely used cash to pay with. In Prague (and most of the Czech republic) you’ll be fine with your credit/debit card. Both Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted, so unless you plan to go to some real forgotten village you don’t need a physical coins. Even at the village you’d either have to be super unlucky or decide to buy some home made stuff (…wine…) from locals to not be fine with card.