I am

a Computer Science student graduate.

a tech enthusiast, Apple user and fan.

a Git missionary.


Sysgo GmbH. 
OS Virtualization Engineer

The developement of the x86-64 hypervisor engine for the PikeOS realtime platform.

2020 - present

Charles University in Prague 
Teaching the Linux Introduction course

Teaching the introductory linux course insipred by The missing semester of your CS education, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.


ELDIS Pardubice 
Software Developer, Intern

As part of my semestral work at AdvC++ I contributed of the processing pipeline for ASTERIX data stream. Some serious template magic was used there, because of the high performance requirements.


AVC SiliconHill 
Audio & Video technician, Admin

This awesome crew gave me an opportunity to volunteer on a bunch of projects. I was a stream sound and video technican at conferences like TEDx Prague, LinuxDays.cz, installfest.cz or PyCon Prague, and at public events, for example one of the largest demonstration in Prague (with about 150k people). In the meantime I provided devOps consultations for their self-hosted infrastructure.

2017 - ?

Fidler company 
Software Developer, Intern

I wrote an employee attendance system with backend in Symfony framework and frontend in AngularJS (v1 back then). It had employee and manager dashboards, special interface for a Punch-in/out tablet, vacation request management, an overview of present colleagues, overtime reporting, full responsivness and eyecatching charts 😜.

Summer 2016

Reahabilitation clinic Prazska 
Web app development, Contract

I wrote an internal reservation system for doctors. Backend was based on the Nette framework and frontend in pure JS and JQuery. The system has been used daily by ~8 doctors for a number of years.



Master in Computer Science
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Degree in system programming

Master thesis
Syscall emulation support in HelenOS µ-kernel

October 2019 - September 2021

Bachelor in Computer Science
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Degree in set theory

Bachelor thesis
Integrated Analysis Server for Dynamic Program Analysis

Abstract  Abstract CZ  Poster  Full text 

October 2016 - June 2019

Technical High School
Electronics and Microprocessor technology

September 2012 - June 2016

Dev skills




And experience with:

PHP, C#, C++, Intel VT-x, HTML5 & CSS, Haskell, Assembler, Ansible, Swift, …

The more I learn, the lower the coloured proportion of these bars. I guess that this is the Dunning-Kruger effect in practice. So although the informational value of the bars is debatable, they are here because I like them.


My youngest hobby project 

This website connects people from neighbourhoods and lets them reduce the environmental impact of their e-shop orders. Oh, and did I mention that it saves money too?

Hardware virtualization support for PikeOS platform (2020) 

As part of our Master studies, me and my friend wrote an x86 hypervisor for the SYSGO GmbH. company. It was supposed to be part of the PikeOS platform, but because we weren’t employees, we didn’t have access to the PikeOS sources. Therefore we also wrote a petite hosting OS, making it a whole Level 1 hypervisor. In the end, we were able to virtualize PikeOS. When the project ended, I continued to work on improving the hypervisor as a SYSGO employee.

Personal homelab
Should you see the rack case in my closet! 

I run a few servers at places where I live or I have lived. They serve as my private mail hosting, git hosting, VPN endpoints, Docker Swarm, storage server, DNS and DHCP for home network and much more, depending on what comes to my mind. Mostly Debian, but it was also FreeBSD. I also host a bunch of webs for my friends and family. My homelab is certainly my most favourite free-time project.

Hardware Virtualization (mostly on the Intel CPUs)
A lecture at the Advanced Operating Systems course, MFF UK (2021, CZ) 

Our talk about the nitty-gritty details of the Hardware Virtualization that we learned during the HyPike university project.

The tale of writing custom kernel
A talk at the LinuxDays.cz conference (2020, CZ) 

My talk about GNU tools and standards used while developing own kernel for educational purposes.

Domain Specific Instrumentation Language 

I have over 150 commits in the upstream repository of the DiSL software suite. Most of the commits are related to my bachelor thesis.

Collectd configuration for the snmp plugin to work with Synology DSM 

My configuration for collecting DSM statistics with Collectd. I don’t use the DSM anymore, so the project is a bit outdated.


English 🇬🇧


German 🇩🇪



Driver's license

A2 🏍, B 🚗

Vyhl. 50/1978 Sb.